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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

I made a couple of these as a surprise treat for my little guy's lunch on Friday but he seen it when he came home from school yesterday and  he loved it so much he asked me to make them for his class....how could I say no!  So today I made 25 more of them and I even made a little tag to hang off the lollipop that says Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

These were really easy to make.   I just used white chocolate candy melts from Michael's, melted them down and piped them into an egg shape and added a green M&M for the yolk.    I actually went out today to get green candy melts because I thought they would look much better but was advised by my "customer" (my son) that the m&m was a better idea!   

I printed out the tags on white paper and glued them to card stock cut to fit.  I've even included the tags as a free printable at the end of this post.  My first free printable.....with more to come as a I blog along!   I made mine to say Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss since we are sending them in on Dr. Seuss' birthday but for the printable I left some blank, some just say Happy Birthday and some say the above so you can use them in different ways.   

Once you glue them, they should look like this:
Then I just hole punched the top and tied them on with ribbon.  Easy peasy!

When they are done they should look like this:
I picked up these adorable containers from Target's dollar spot over the summer....I hope they bring them back this year!!

This little bucket came from there too and so did the pin and I just attached it with some ribbon

If you're interested in making these and would like a copy of my free printable, just become a follower of my blog on the right hand side and leave a comment that you did.  I will email you back with the link to print them out!


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  1. How cute! I bet he was pretty popular at school with these pops! Your tags really tie it all together! Thanks so much for sharing these at our party this week!

    Take care,


  2. Hi Dawn, I'm now following your great blog. Thanks for offering to email the clip art for the Dr Seuss tags.

  3. I am now following. Those tags are great!

  4. I am now following, can I please get the link for the tags?

  5. I LOVE this idea. I am following your blog. Please email me the tags when you have a chance

    Thank you so much I will make them for read across america week :)

  6. Thanks for the interest in the tags!! I've emailed them out to you all, come back and share what you make!

  7. Love these, such a great idea! I can't find the link to the printable tags. Are you able to email them to me? I'd love to make these for my son's class next week!

    Thanks so much - great blog!!

  8. I clicked on following and got you up on Pinterest too. I would love to make these for my daughters class Friday for Read across America. My email is ash3401@yahoo.com Send me the Link for Dr. Seuss printables.
    Have you seen the Dr. Seuss hats on Pinterest made from Oreo's and Gummy lifesavers. So cute on Cupcakes.

  9. These are wonderfdul!!! So happy to see new bloggers sharing at my Link Party over at SunScholars! I have just shared this on Facebook, and pinned it to my Book Inspired Activities board as well. Thanks so much for the adorable idea!

  10. Loving your ideas!! We're doing 2 weeks of Dr. Seuss.. today, was one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! Thank you for sharing... Really looking forward to following you!! :)

  11. I'm not sure if you received my other post requesting your other Dr. Seuss items so I want to make sure I ask here. My son's school is having their Dr. Seuss theme week and I would love to have your lunchbox notes to put in his lunch the rest of this week (and use them again next year). On Friday I'm also supplying his Kindy classs with the letter E theme snack and I plan on doing the Green Eggs and Ham (the little candy version with the pretzels or deviled Green eggs). I would love to be able to hand the Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss printables out to the kids w/an additional snack to take home but I wondered if you have any other printable you would be willing to share to make this Dr. Seuss week for him, his class (and my girls, who are homeschooled) I would very much appreciate it! You are a blessing offering these!

  12. So cute! I am a new follower and would love a copy of your Dr. Seuss stuff! Thanks! janelhabosha@gmail.com

  13. I just started following you and would love the receive the links for the Green Eggs & Ham tags. Thanks! jaceydotson@aol.com

  14. I just started following u can I please have the print out my email is gianninac21@gmail.com

  15. I just started following you on Pinterest can I please have the tags for green and eggs and ham sent to dayna.taylor@fraserk12.org thanks!

  16. I just started following and would love the download sent to me- jamekris at gmail


  17. Hi Dawn I am planning a baby shower and would love your help with the printables. Thanks :) I sent you an email from gmail

  18. Can you please send me the tags? Thanks!



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