Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100 Day of School

Our school will be celebrating their 100 Day of School this Friday.    Each child had to make something or bring in something with 100 things.  My son is big into Angry Birds right now so he made a poster with 100 Angry Bird stickers on it....sadly I forgot to take a picture of it.    It was cute but he wanted to make something else with all the googly eyes we have  so we decided to make a 100 eyed monster shirt.  I bought a plain red shirt from Michaels for $3.00, a tube of black puffy fabric paint and a bag of googly eyes from the dollar store...for you guessed it $1.00.... so this little project was only $5.00 to make. Not too bad for a cute shirt. 

He drew the outline of the monsters face and teeth in pencil on the shirt so we knew where to position the eyes then we just hot glued all the eyes on.  Once all the eyes where on, he traced the outline with the black puffy paint and that's it!  Really simple to make and it only took about an hour to do.  He can't wait to wear it to school!!

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