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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beech-Nut Organic Real Food for Babies

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I can't believe my baby girl is already eating baby food. I say it almost every day but these last seven months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I don't remember the time moving so quick with my oldest. It feels like just yesterday that I was bringing her home and now I'm picking out her first foods. As a mom, I want to make sure she is eating the freshest and most nutritious food she can. Of course, homemade would be ideal, but finding the time is hard. Plus, I want an option that I can take with me on the go. Thankfully Beech-Nut created their line of organic foods for baby for moms like me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dreft Celebrates the Messy, Wonderful #Amazinghood Moments of Motherhood

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 Motherhood is such an amazing journey it's no wonder Dreft's latest campaign is called #Amazinghood. Having a baby around again after ten years, made me realize so many of the things I missed like the cute little baby giggles and just how messy these tiny humans can get when they start eating food! When it comes to washing her clothes and keeping them stain free, I turn to Dreft. It's the detergent I used with my oldest and am now using again with the baby.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Host a Strange Magic Movie Night with FREE Activity Sheets, Recipes & More - Coming to DVD May 19th

Strange Magic releases on DVD Tuesday, May 19th and you can celebrate with your own Strange Magic Movie Party. You can print out everything you need for to make your party magical including a Fairy Wings tutorial, party invitations, recipes and more! I know we're pretty excited for this release and can't wait to add this DVD to our collection.

Download Host A Strange Magic Party

Are you excited for the release of Strange Magic?


FREE Printable Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie's Pet Salon Activity Sheets & Games

In celebration of tomorrow's release of the newest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD - Minnie's Pet Salon - I have these fun activity sheets to share with you! Print out these adorable activity sheets and games to keep your little mouseketeer entertained for a fun afternoon of coloring or use them to create the perfect movie night!

Minnie's Pet Salon releases on DVD Tuesday, May 19th.

Download Minnie's Pet Salon Activities


Friday, May 15, 2015

Share Your Baby News In Style - Panorama Prenatal Screen

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When I found out I was expecting, I knew right away I would want to find out the baby's gender. I'm not big on surprises and I wanted to be able to shop and set up the nursery. When it came time to schedule my anatomy scan, it was a BIG deal. We picked up my oldest from school early and headed to the doctor's office. Unfortunately for me, baby had other plans. No matter how hard the tech tried to get the baby to move, she didn't budge. I left there disappointed but was able to convince them to give it another try in a few weeks.

5 Tips to Keep Baby Happy on an Airplane

We just came home from an amazing vacation/conference but leading up to the event, I was a nervous wreck. After the all the excitement calmed down, I was left realizing I just booked a trip to fly with my seven month old. What was I thinking?! I not a huge fan of flying to begin with but now I just threw in the uncertainty of flying with an infant. My son was almost two and a half when we flew with him for the first time. Even though she's a good baby, I wasn't sure how she would handle the plane ride, the press in her ears and everything else that goes along with it. It was a total crap shoot. In the end, everything worked out great and she did amazing. The people in the row behind us didn't even realize there was a baby on the flight. I know everyone is not that lucky and heck, she may cry the entire time our next flight but until then I have a few tips to share on what worked (and didn't ) for us.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo Flower Bouquet: An Easy DIY Photo Craft For Kids

If there is one thing I'm a sucker for it's photo crafts. I love crafts that my son and I can make together. They're even better if I can include some of my favorite pictures into them. I love taking photos of my family and I'm excited to be partnering with HP on today's craft project. Photo crafts make great gifts for mom, dad and the grandparents too. Plus they look adorable around the house. Since we were away on Mother's Day this year,  I wanted to make something cute for both grandmothers to enjoy with fun pictures from our trip. Since my son wanted to give flowers to them, we incorporated both ideas into this fun and easy to make Photo Flower Bouquet.

It's So Much More Than Just a Bath with Johnson's® Baby

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One of my favorite parts of the day is bath time with the baby. She absolutely loves being in the water and kicks her little feet and splashes her little hands the minute I put her in her tub. She never complains and happily giggles and talks all throughout bath time. In fact, it's one of her most vocal times of the day. Since she loves to talk baby talk, that's saying a lot. We have our little bath time routine down pat and as soon as I take her in the bathroom she starts kicking her legs with excitement like she knows what's coming next. Bath time is an easy and often over-looked chance to encourage baby's development.